Environmental Health

IMG 1234Bob Kluender 

Environmental Public Health Specialist

Regulatory authority providing:

 - Food Service Industry inspections and assistance for Restaurants, Convenience stores, Public Schools, and Retail Establishments. These are conducted on a priority level basis on intervals of High Priority Food Establishments every Twelve (12) months, Medium Priority Food Establishments every Fifteen (15) months, and Low Priority Food Establishments every Eighteen (18) months with follow up inspections for those establishments that require it. Also inspections performed upon receipt of complaint.   Recall checks of facilities are performed on recalled food products. Temporary food service inspections are performed at all public events such as fairs, large yard sales, etc. where food is sold to the public for profit.

-Provide Sewage system plan review, site investigation, and final inspection for MoDOH permitted systems and also technical assistance for non-permitted systems. Investigate sewage system violations per receipt of written complaint.

- Investigations of other communicable diseases are provided.

-Licensed Day Care providers are inspected annually and upon special request from MoDOH.

-Sanitation and Safety inspections performed on all licensed Lodging establishments.

-Also involved with sanitation and safety issues in instances of environmental and human caused emergencies and disasters.

                -Truck wrecks containing food products.

                -Fires, floods, tornado damage, etc. involving inspected facilities or public health issues.

                -Strategic National Stockpile role of pick up medical supplies needed for county.

-Water sampling of all inspected facilities on private water supplies. Some water sampling and disinfection help of private water supplies of citizens when needed. Bacterial and Chemical analysis for all private water supplies of day cares.

-County member of the local LEPD (Local Emergency Planning District) for Southeast Missouri.

-Perform some basic air quality measurements for buildings upon a case by case basis.

-Assist and perform duties in county and health department community exercises such as Earthquake national exercises, etc. and Drive Thru Flu Clinics.

-Help keep updated website inspections and information to public throughout the year.