Childcare Consultant

The safety and well being of their children while in daycare is very important to parents. The health department provides health and safety education to day care providers to improve the health status and ensure safety of children in child care facilities. The promotion of health and safety occurs through on-site assessments of the facility, child care staff and disease prevention practices. Health promotion/educational presentations are offered to staff, children and parents. Staff education is rewarded in clock hours for daycare licensure.

Schedule of training programs for childcare staff offered at Ste Genevieve County Health Department:

Attention Deficit May 15, 2012 6:00 pm

All programs will be held at the Ste Genevieve County Health Department in the lower level of the building.

Please call Ste Genevieve County Health Department at 573-883-7411 to register for a class, or to obtain more information.