Reversal of Negative Effects to the Body after Smoking Cessation

 Fresh AirIt is possible to reverse the effects of smoking and to improve health. Once a person begins smoking they do damage to their body and others breathing in the smoke. The negative effects of smoking can be reversed or reduced after tobacco use has stopped. The longer a person smokes the more damage they do and the more difficult it is to reverse. Quitting smoking can make a great difference:

·        After 20 minutes a person's heart rate drops

·        In the first 24 hours oxygen and carbon monoxide levels in the blood start to return to normal

·        Within 48 hours damaged nerve endings begin to repair themselves and sense of taste and smell begin to return

·        After 2 weeks, lung function can improve up to 30%

·        Within 2 to 3 months the circulatory system begin to normalize

·        After 1 year the risk of heart disease is half that of a smoker

·        After 5 years the risk of stroke goes down

·        Between five and fifteen years, the risk of stroke is that of a nonsmoker

·        After 10 years the risk of lung and other cancers decrease.

It is very beneficial to stop smoking. The longer you stay smoke free the more it will continue to improve your overall health.

Saying no to tobacco is one of the best things you can do to protect your health and the health of others!