You Can Quit Smoking

 Uncle Sam-I Want You to Quit SmokingYou can be a quitter if you use tobacco. If you are one of the more than seventy percent of smokers who want to quit, there are helpful tips to remember.

            1. Write down why you want to quit, for example: Feel in control of your life

                    Improve your health so you can better care for loved ones

                   You will have more energy and breathe easier

                   Your chances of getting sick will decrease

                   Set a good example for your children and others

                   Protect your family and friends from breathing second hand smoke.

                  Breathing in other people's smoke can cause asthma and other health problems

                 If you are pregnant, your baby will be healthier. Your baby will get more oxygen

                You will have more money


 Change things around you

                Get rid of all cigarettes and ashtrays in your home, auto, and workplace

                Don't let people smoke in your home or auto

               Avoid alcohol

              Avoid being around smoke

              Eat healthy food

             Get exercise

             Keep a positive attitude

3. Stay busy

·        Go for a walk

·        Find a hobby

     4. After you quit, don't smoke—not even a puff!

      5. Reward yourself

      6. Ask your doctor about nicotine gum and other medicines available. Some insurances will pay for these medications

      7. Tell your family, friends, and people you work with that you are going to quit. Ask for their support!

Most people try several times before they quit tobacco for good. Quitting is hard, but

                                YOU CAN DO IT!!