2017 Missouri Fish Consumption Advisory

crayfishThe Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) recently released the 2017 Fish Consumption Advisory, an annual report that provides a variety of useful information to people who consume fish caught in Missouri waters. DHSS also released the 2017 Summary of Fish Advisory Booklet. This year DHSS has added an advisory to Adair Creek, Sweetwater Creek, and parts of Logan Creek in Reynolds County due to elevated lead levels being found in a sucker species. The adviso...ry for Logan Creek starts at Adair Creek and extends to Susie Creek. DHSS is recommending individuals “do not consume” any sucker species or other bottom feeding species from this advisory area. For more information, please visit the fish advisory web page at www.health.mo.gov/fishadvisory or contact the Bureau of Environmental Epidemiology at 573-751-6102 or toll free at 866-628-9891.