Update on the Flu Season

cold and flu seasonThe flu season is here and the Ste Genevieve County Health Department is recommending flu shots for everyone 6 months and older.
So far there have not been any lab confirmed cases of influenza in Ste Genevieve county, but surrounding counties have all had confirmed cases.
Ste Genevieve County Health Department is giving free flu shots to all veterans through the month of November. The vaccine at the health department covers the two type A strains and two type B strains exp...ected to be circulating this year. There is also high dose vaccine available for all senior citizens 65 and older. Typically it takes up to two weeks to get full protection from the flu shot.
The more people that are immunized, the less flu there is circulating in the community. The Ste Genevieve County Health Department has given over 1,800 doses of flu shots so far and plan to give more. This includes vaccination clinics in all the county schools. Statistics prove that in the past three years of school flu clinics, there has been significant decrease in our county rates compared to neighboring counties.
Last year there were more than 3 times the previous year's confirmed cases of flu state-wide. This year the prediction is similar. The holidays are approaching rapidly. CDC recommends getting your flu shot before the holiday season.
For questions please call us at the Health Department: 573-883-7411