JUULING: What parents need to know about this harmful trend.


At first glance it may look like a USB drive, but the newest trend among teenagers and young adults happens to be a discrete version of the popular E-cigarette, or “e-cig”. The trend is booming across college campuses, social media and even with middle school to high school aged students. The popular “juul” is the latest version of the e-cig and sales have skyrocketed 800% since last year. The juul is unique because of its easy-to-conceal shape that makes it ideal for sneaking in places like the classroom, bathroom or library. Electronic cigarettes were originally marketed to help cigarette smokers find a healthier alternative and eventually quit smoking altogether. The problem is many teenagers who never would have became smokers are now beginning to use the juul and becoming addicted.

The way the juul works is by heating up a cartridge or “pod” of flavored nicotine juice which then becomes a vapor that dissolves in the air. The cartridges are only about the size of a quarter and contain as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes or 200 puffs. To add to the appeal, cartridges come in a variety of unique flavors such as mango, cool mint, and creme brulee.

Top 5 facts parents need to know about the juul to protect their children:

  1. They can be easily hidden, allowing kids to use them frequently and receive high amounts of nicotine per day
  2. “Juuling” is the same as using an e-cigarette, but many kids think it is not as harmful. In fact, the juul has about double the amount of nicotine than many other e-cigarettes on the market.
  3. Nicotine is highly addictive and can cause brain development delays in teens and young adults
  4. The most concerning systemic effects of nicotine are in increase in pulse rate and blood pressure which contributes to development of many chronic diseases
  5. Using a juul can increase the likelihood of becoming a cigarette smoker

Vaping is a trendy habit among teens and young adults, but it does not come without risk. Through the use of social media, the juul’s popularity has risen and now is the time to talk to your children and warn them of the harmful effects of this product.