How Can Smoking Harm Your and Your Baby?

  • MCH Dec 2018Your baby may be born too small, even after a full-term pregnancy. Smoking slows your baby’s growth before birth.
  • Your baby may be born too early (premature birth). Premature babies often have health problems.
  • Smoking can damage your baby’s developing lungs and brain. The damage can last through childhood and into the teen years.
  • Smoking doubles your risk of bleeding too much during pregnancy and delivery. This can put both you and your baby in danger.
  • Smoking raises your baby’s risk for birth defects, including cleft lip, cleft palate, or both. Your baby’s mouth is malformed and he or she can have trouble eating properly and may need surgery.
  • Babies of moms who smoke during pregnancy—and babies exposed to cigarette smoke after birth—have a higher risk for SIDS.

For more information on the impact smoking has on pregnancy and babies visit CDC @ https: www.cdc.gov

For help with smoking cessation call Diana (573-883-7411) at Ste. Genevieve County Health Department.