Teen Vaping

Juuling Is it a flash drive or a Juul attached to your child’s computer?  Look closely because it could actually be a Juul, a type of electronic cigarette, the most popular type of tobacco delivery system used by middle school and high school students today. The use has skyrocketed almost 800% in one year.
What makes it so popular with this age group?  It has its own “cool factor” with middle school and high school children.  The design is sleek ...and makes it easy to conceal, it’s easy to use, comes in flavors to attract kids, it gives off very little smell, and it can be charged by a unique battery that attaches to a USB charger inserted into a desktop or laptop (see picture above).  Parents can easily mistake this nicotine delivery system for a USB flash drive. 
So what’s risky about Juuling?  What’s so worrisome about vapor?  Every single Juul pod contains high doses of nicotine.   Each pod contains 200 puffs of nicotine, that’s like smoking an entire pack of cigarettes.  Nicotine is a highly addictive drug and when users (especially under the age of 25) inhale nicotine it actually alters the make-up of their brains and can also lead to years of addiction.  Other known health risks include lung inflammation, constricted blood vessels, and heart disease.  The other chemicals taken in while vaping are still under long-term health research.
Explore an interactive display of a teenager’s bedroom containing over 70 items that could signal that a young person is involved in risky activities. Learn how to spot warning signs and get tips for talking with kids about the dangers of alcohol and drug use.
An Initiative to Help Parents Spot Signs of Risky Behavior
Tuesday, January 22,2019                                                                                         DuBourg Centre                                                                                   305 Merchant Street, Ste. Genevieve, MO
Exhibit open 6:00-8:00 pm, Presentation at 6:30pm
Sponsored by the Ste Genevieve County Memorial Hospital and Ste. Genevieve Health Department. This event is for adults only.