Dangers of Vaping Program Presented to Valle Students

NCADA Vaping classValle Catholic Middle and High School students attended a presentation on vaping on Wednesday, January 16. Heather Craig spoke to the students on the dangers of... vaping and nicotine. Heather was accompanied by Diane Giesler.

E-cigarettes are not regulated by the FDA, meaning what is contained in their juice is unknown. Even if the juice says "no nicotine", nicotine has been found. Nicotine can cause serious effects on the brain, especially those of younger people as their brains aren't fully developed until the age of 25. Heather showed the students various e-cigarettes so they are prepared to say "no thank you" if they are offered one.

Heather is from the National Council of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. Diane works for the Ste. Genevieve Country Health Department.

The students were very attentive during this informative presentation. Thank you to the Ste. Genevieve County Health Department for providing the grant to make the presentation possible.