Quit Smoking - For Reproductive Health!


July 2019 MCH photoAlthough we don’t know exactly which smokers might have complication because of smoking, we do know that smoking can be a threat to the ability to become pregnant, to a safe and healthy pregnancy, and to healthy babies and mothers. Quitting smoking can improve your reproductive health.

It’s not just women of childbearing age that should think about smoking cessation if they want to conceive, but their partners should consider quitting too. For both women and men, quitting smoking increases fertility.

Women who smoke can have:

Difficulty in conceiving and a higher risk of never becoming pregnant

More problems with success of fertility treatment

Early onset of menopause

Higher risk of cervical and vulvar cancer

Men who smoke may have:

Low sperm count

Damage to DNA in sperm causing health problems in your baby

Trouble getting and maintaining an erection

If you are a smoker struggling to get pregnant educate yourself on how fertility is impacted by smoking. Ideally any women of childbearing age who smokes should quit several months before you plan to get pregnant to help create a healthy stable environment for you child. Do it from day one to give your baby the best possible start before they are even conceived.