Progress to Stage 2 Covid - 19 Recovery May 18, 2020

Updated Covid-19 testing for Ste Genevieve County:

Tested: 254

Positive: 8

Negative: 246

Pending: 0

Deaths: 1

As we have not had an increase in positive cases. Ste Genevieve County is ready to move into stage 2 of the recovery process. This success is due entirely to the compliance and dedication to safety of all businesses and residents. And we thank you very much.

Details for stage two are listed below, and it is long. Briefly summarized occupancy numbers for indoor facilities will increase to 50% based on the state formula provided. Group activities can now be held for up to 50 people. Social distancing guidelines, good hygiene and sanitation recommendations and limited travel are still and important aspects of the recovery plan.

Stage 2 will begin Monday, May 18, 2020, and will continue for a minimum of two weeks. Testing and surveillance will continue. Hopefully, by adhering to recommended guidelines there will not be a spike in positive cases and we can continue to move forward in the recovery process.

Recovery Plan Updated May 17, 2020

Phase 1: Slow the Spread/Response

We moved out of Phase 1 due to the compliance of businesses and residents to maintain recommended guidelines established to slow the spread.
A key factor in moving through the recovery phase is a sustained reduction in cases for at least 14 days.

Phase 2: Recovery
Step 1: Began May 4, 2020

Due to community compliance in Step 1, success has been achieved with no more than 8 cases identified.

Recommend moving on to Step 2

Step 2: Begins May 18, 2020:

Reduce limitations for businesses and organizations.
Reintroduce limited mass gatherings.

• All interactions within the community are required to maintain physical distancing strategies including 6 feet of space between individual.

• High risk individuals should continue to limit interactions to those that are considered vital.

• Occupancy restrictions a.re relaxed to 50% of the entity’s occupancy based on the state’s formula specific to each individual facility
• Businesses and organizations can be reopened restricted to 20 people at a time in the facility, or:

• If your business is not subject to fire or building code occupancy limitations set by your jurisdiction, you should calculate your occupancy limits based on the following formula:

• For businesses with retail location of less than 10,000 square feet:
 Building square feet divided by 30 = Quotient
 Quotient x .50 =occupancy limit

• For businesses with the retail location of 10,000 square feet or more:
 Building square feet divided by 30 = Quotient
 Quotient x .20 = occupancy limit
• All businesses and organizations must continue to apply physical distancing standards in all facilities.

• Mass social gatherings of less than 50 individuals may resume, however, the inside spacing for buildings 10,000 or less square feet STILL APPLY for the total amount of occupants allowed.
• Lodging facilities need to follow established Missouri Department of Health guidelines found at www.health.mo.gov

Time frames between steps in Phase 2 can be shortened or lengthened based on surveillance data.

Key elements in each step must include strict adherence to the following:
• Physical distancing strategies of 6 foot spacing between people
• Maintain focus on testing, isolation strategies and healthcare
• Increased testing capacity
• Individual businesses will be responsible for implementing strategies specific to their business to meet these guidelines.
• Personal protection through hand hygiene, wearing face masks, respiratory etiquette, and self-isolation with symptom onset, as well as disinfecting all surfaces frequently between interpersonal contacts.

From Ste Genevieve County Memorial Hospital: 5-14-2020

We will continue all precautions, no visitors, screenings at doors, etc. Employee monitoring, etc. We are opening up all our services allowing slower schedules with more time between patients for a clean of the area and to decrease exposure to other patients.
- We are performing elective surgeries; all surgeries are monitored for 7 days prior and COVID testing on nasal and oral surgeries per ENT professional medical society recommendations.
- We have two respiratory clinics for all testing, we will see all patients for all symptoms same day. Bloomsdale is open 7 days a week and we have testing abilities 7 days a week in the Bloomsdale walk-in clinic. We just ask patients call ahead and staff will come to them in full PPE to reduce exposure. We are keeping the screening trailer at this time while we monitor as the county opens.
- We do have the COVID IGG and COVID PCR testing capabilities in-house. The Hospital will be providing free testing to Hospital employees and employees of Ste. Genevieve County Nursing Homes, Ambulance, Police, Sheriff’s Department and Health Department.
- We are stocked on PPE, we have abilities for N95 reuse through state cleaning, and also washable surgical gowns.positive image 18