Precautionary boil water advisory 12-22-20

Precautionary Boil Water Advisory:
GrayHawk Water (MO4010701), Ste. Genevieve County
Date advisory issued: December 22, 2020
Location: Advisory affects customers on Pine, Oak and Maple Streets.
Reason: Precautionary boil water advisory was issued, due to a main break on Pine Street. Main was isolated only affects customers on Pine, Oak and Maple Streets.
Corrective actions taken by system: Issued precautionary boil water advisory, repair the line break, flushing, ensure adequate chlorine residuals throughout the distribution system and sample collection.
Corrective actions recommended by RO: Collect three (3) special samples prior to lifting the advisory.
Media contacted: Door to door, signs posted at entrances and near area of line break.
System contact: Jerry Coalter 573-883-0859