Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution

Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution for Ste. Genevieve County

Ste. Genevieve Health Department is currently following the Covid-19 vaccinations guidelines set forth by MO DHSS. The guidelines are broken down into phases to show which populations can be vaccinated at this time.

vaccine availability

The State of MO is currently in Phase 1a.

We were able to order the Moderna Vaccine once it was approved for emergency use in December. At that time, we had ordered enough vaccine to help with vaccinating our Hospital Healthcare workers and group homes who fall into the LTCF category. Recently the state has provided more guidance and is still working on clarifying who and which organizations fall in Phase 1a.

Unfortunately we do not have a timeline for when we will get more vaccine to help with Phase 1a, nor do we know when we will be moving to the next phase.

We understand many are eager to get the vaccine. We will be posting information to our website as it becomes available to us. We will not be making appointments until we get confirmation that we can order more vaccine. The appointments will be made on a 1st come basis, there will be no waiting list. Please check the website periodically for updates, or you can visit the state website for more information regarding the covid-19 vaccine progress.

We appreciate everyone’s patience during this time.

For information on MO Covid Vaccine efforts visit:


CDC guideance and information on Covid Vaccine : https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/index.html

Moderna Vaccine: