Ozora Travel Plaza (8-25-15)


Shall reheat pulled pork pulled to 165 degrees F, prior to holding it in crock at 135 degrees F or above.

Buffet not holding all foods at 135 degrees F or above at all times.  * Needs to be 135 degrees F or plus at all times*

Refrigerator holding foods at 46 degrees F.  Needs to be 41 degrees F or lower.

Toxic bug aerosol sprayers in facility need removed immediately.

Utensils shall be stored in foods or new clean one each time.

Provide a policy for exclusion of employees that are sick.


Sanitizer solution is way to strong.  Quat needs to be at 200 ppm, not 400 ppm.

Provide dispensed soap and paper towels at both hand sinks.

Sheild lights in smoker room.

Repair toilet and provide soap and paper towel dispenser in kitchen restroom for employees.

Provide a seperate covered trash can in unisex restroom for sanitary napkin disposal.

Keep dumpster lids closed.