17049 New Breman Rd.

Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670

Routine Inspection

Inspection Date: April 5, 2023


  • Shall provide sanitizer at all times to wash/rinse sanitize all food prep surfaces.
  • Raw meats stored above ready to eat foods in walk in freezer.
  • All hot held foods shall be 135*F or above at all times.
  • Drink walk in cooler is holding foods at 44*F. Needs to be 41*F or lower at all times.
  • Provide back flow preventers on the mop sink.
  • Air gap the ice machine drain line.
  • Shall properly date mark all foods with a 7 day discard date on all foods kept over 24 hrs.
  • Provide hot & cold running water at food prep sanitizer hand sink area.
  • Repair the damaged floor in the smoker room.
  • Provide signage at all hand sinks.
  • Provide quat test strips.
  • Food on floor in walk in freezer shall be on shelving.
  • Keep dumpster lids closed at all times.
  • Doors propped open shall be kept closed.
  • Clean all flooring in soda box room
  • Proofer needs wooden shelves removed & replaced with a washable shelf.
  • Cover door way in food prep area near hot display of ceiling.
  • Clean can opener knife.
  • Fix paper towel dispenser at food display hand sink.
  • Repair sink in men’s restroom.
  • Clean floors of the entire facility.

Correct by Date: April 26, 2023

Corrected on: May 30, 2023